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- Need To Control (Brutal Truth) [R]
- The Best Of A Decade (UFO) [R]
- Perdition Hymns (Night Horse) [R]
- Judgement (Hydrogyn) [R]
- Glam Damnation (Steevi Jaimz) [R]
- Another Night In The Sun Live In Helsinki (Michael Monroe) [R]
- Double Diamond (Firebird) [R]
- Play Yard Blues (John Norum) [R]
- Home (August Burns Red) [R]
- Babez For Breakfast (Lordi) [R]
- In The Beginning CD2 (Salem) [R]
- In The Beginning CD1 (Salem) [R]
- Tattoos & Tequila (Vince Neil) [R]
- Timeless (Bad Habit) [R]
- Final Hour (Dresden) [R]
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